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keep me in, take me out

Oops, when I had to re-install everything because my editing software was acting up, some of the extra footage that was shot for Pepper's video was erased.  Currently I'm recapturing that footage.

In Pepper's video, I'm in the video.  I can either leave me in, or take myself out.  If I take myself out, it'll take more time.  But what do people prefer?  Here's a photo taken from the video, where I can be seen:

Remember - clicking on the photo makes it larger.

Because there is so much great footage in this video, sometimes I have a hard time deciding what should go and what should stay.  Sometimes I couldn't make a choice so I compromised by having both in, such as this:

There's going to be quite of bit of that, so if someone doesn't like it, please don't buy the video.

Yesterday, I stopped by Carmen's Hairstyling Salon to have my roots bleached.  Afterwords, Carmen did an absolute amazing job styling my hair into retro fashion.

When I got home, I had my hubby clipper my nape...which I got on camera using a Canon Mark 7D.  Because CS5 can handle 5D and 7D files in their natural format, I *may* be updating to CS5.  But that probably won't be until later this year, because of my trips to PA and Germany, I have no spare money. 

Anyway, after the clippering, I got dressed and did a photo shoot.  Once I decide on a photo that I like, I'll post it.  :)  I'll wear the same dress to the gallery show that I'm attending on Friday.

I was hoping on keeping the hairstyle until then, so I doused it with hairspray, and covered my pillow with a satin pillowcase.  Unfortunately, my hair was flat in the morning.  :(  But I'll see what I can come up with Friday evening.
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