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I spent nearly the whole day re-editing Escape to make it into a theatrical version.  To make it qualify for a film festival submission, I need to yet shave off 6-7 more minutes.  I will do this tomorrow.

If Escape is accepted, I'll post all the details in the blog.  That way if you ever wanted to see Escape on the big screen, you'll have a chance.  :)

I have also been re-editing a client's video as he told me today that he wants another version of it.  I hope to have this finished tomorrow morning.

I'm not sure how much time I'll have tomorrow, but otherwise, starting on Monday, I'll start working on Pepper's video again.  Some people have been asking questions about Pepper's video.  The BEST place to find more info on her video or any haircut video is to click on the model's name in the tag list -- if you are viewing this blog directly from the link on the HCF site.  

Her strict military flat top was done in several stages, made perfect each time, and then going even shorter.

Since her haircut was done by a TRUE barberette, done in a REAL barbershop, it is done the true barbershop way - hot lather, straight-edge razor, clippers, scissors, and special hair gel.
Tags: barberette, barbershop, escape, pepper

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