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I'm sorry that I haven't posted here in awhile.  I've been busy working on a client's video, which I should have completed within a couple of weeks or less.  Once done, I'll start editing Pepper's video.  I will have to tape something, when the weather is warmer and a bit overcast, to add to the video in order to continue the story in her video.

The webcam that was planned for this Saturday has been moved to April 3rd instead.  Lately, models/actresses have been very flaky.  Even for the Jana Barbershop video, there was a handful of models interested, but then change their minds, which is fine, but I wished that if they decided not to do it, to either not express interest in the first place or to contact me asap. 

Sometime when I have more time, I plan on making a theatrical version of Escape for film festivals and for a movie premiere later this year.  This version, along with the current one, and the trailer, will be released on Blu Ray. 

I believe that I have to make one with commentary too.  (I never watch those, so I'll have to research it first!)  :)~

Tags: escape, pepper, webcam
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