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hair video posters

Here are a couple of video posters for that past couple of videos that have been released.  These were created from the DVD jacket's that come with the DVDs that you buy from

I'll be taking a break from editing hair videos for a bit as I need to work on a client's video.  Luckily, the deadline is in April, so I have some time to go through 17 hours of footage to create something great.  :)

Several people have been asking about new photos of my latest hairstyle.  Because there's been more people taking my photos, photoshopping out my website url and/or name & cropping the photos to avoid showing my info, I probably won't be sharing too many more photos of myself.  I'm just very disappointed right now.  I have stated many times that if people want to share my photos, they can, BUT, they have to leave the photos intact - no editing the photos besides re-sizing.  It is important that my url/name stays ON the photo.  This way, if people want to learn more about who created the photo, they can find me.  But I guess that's still not enough for some people.

I am glad that that most people aren't like that.  For the wonderful people who don't ruin my photos, here's a photo of me at the burlesque show this past Friday night.  This photo was taken by Dave Cameron.  (I didn't even know that he had taken photos of me until today when I saw them in Facebook.  If you want to see another, you'll just have to visit my personal FB page).

Tags: burlesque show, escape, photos, posters, severe changes

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