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software working

This morning I got my Pinnacle software working again.  The people at Pinnacle said that it's best to click on "encode entire movie everytime."  That's where my problems began.  I unclicked that box and now I can burn DVDs just fine.  :)  For those who also use Pinnacle and run into problems, here's what I also noticed:  you *must* have either a photo or title page before your video, otherwise you won't have sound on your DVD.  This is more larger videos, small ones under 30 minutes seem okay without the title and photo.  

Don't leave Pinnacle open all day.  For some reason it causes the footage and burning to mess up.  Just close out of it and restart it again.  Everything will work fine then.


Other news:  I'm 11 minutes into Anneli's afro perm video.  I finished her hair washing part and now she's beginning to get her hair cut.  Her hair is bra-strap length, and Carmen explains that she is going to cut it 4" all the way around.  

I will be having help to move the station and chair to my salon studio today.  Then I will call the plumber.  :)  I moved the shampoo bowl down already and had a backache for the rest of the day.  So I must have helpers! 
Tags: afro perm, anneli, hair washing, pinnacle, plumber, shampoo bowl, station

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