haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

video updates

I hope that tomorrow I'll have Escape finalized on how I want it.  I just finished with the lighting today.  Now it's time for adding music to the credits, authoring the DVD, making the VODs, and creating the web pages for it.  Oh, and pulling photos off it and making a preview clip.  :)

Severe Changes would have been released on Amazon yesterday, but I needed to make a couple of minor changes to the DVD jacket.  So maybe tomorrow or early next week.

Today I started editing Celia's face shave video.  If I have time tomorrow, I'll post a photo from it on here.  For now, here are several links that Wilfried sent me that are of women shaving in photos.  Thanks, Wilfried!
Tags: escape, face shave, severe changes
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