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today's shoot

Today's shoot got off to a late start, but went well.  A new barberette learned where everything is in my salon studio and Celia received a refreshing face shave.  Because this video was done for a client, it has priority, so it will be edited after I finish the Escape movie.

Now that my salon is cleaned up once again and all my camera gear is packed for tomorrow's video shoot, I'm capturing the last tape of Pepper's military flat top haircut to my computer.  There is a sound effect that I taped at the end, for the Escape movie.

For some odd reason, the web cam went down during today's video shoot.  I apologize for that.  I just finished testing the web cam ten minutes ago, and it was working.  Maybe my salon is hunted?....

I'm very excited about tomorrow shoot because it will be me behind and in front of the cameras, receiving...a chin length (or shorter) bob and my hair will be bleached.  My hubby is eager for the latter, as he prefers me as a blonde.  I had kept my word about being blonde for the wedding, and then the next day or two, I believe I had either shaved my head or colored my hair.  I plan to remain blonde for quite awhile.

People send me emails daily about when I'll shave my head again.  Honesty, I do not know.  I'm not really planning on doing that again, unless it's for a paid movie role...or to audition for a small part in the latest Star Trek movie.  I continue to search the internet to see if they are casting for it, but nothing yet.

If I do see the auditions,  I may either fly or drive out there.  I would like someone to help me keep my head shaved smooth when I'm out there.  Maybe I could find a helper?  :)  

Well, I won't worry about this until later.  It could be that the casting has already been done.  (pooh!)  Then I guess I'll just keep my hair. 
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