haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

Kat's beauty salon is closed

for repairs.  I just got back home from picking up a 1950's covered wet station, a 1950's reclining hydraulic salon chair, and a sterilization wooden box.  I will be re-arranging my beauty salon, and a couple of things will have to go.

If anyone is interested in my old vintage station and shampoo chair, please let me know and you can have them for free.  I can have both of these ready by tomorrow.  I'm sorry, I cannot send them, you must pick up.

Tomorrow I'll start calling around to get estimates on how much it's going to cost to set up my wet station.  If anyone is a plumber and would like to do this for me, maybe we can work out an arrangement.  :D

Edited to add:
The exact same sterilizer box I have can be found at

So from this ad, this is a 1940's barbershop sterilizing cabinet, made of oak and masonite.  But I wonder how it works to sterilize stuff.  The previous owner told me that his wife used to sterlize her perm rods and curlers with it.

Tags: beauty salon, covered shampoo bowl, repairs, wet station

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