haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

a hairy time

I've been so busy lately that I forgot to write about my latest hair adventures!

The previous Friday when I was traveling, I stopped by KJ Dekker's place.  Since he's been wanting to dye his hair black for a long time, but there's not a Sally's near him, we stopped by a dollar store near his work.  I bought some hair gel, black hair dye, and a black eyeliner.

We went back to his place where I mixed up the hair dye and plastered it on his hair.  Since he didn't know where the cold cream was, I dyed his hair without it.  The dye came with sparse instructions, saying that conditioner should be put on the hair for two minutes before rinsing.  So when my friend came out of the shower, he had black dye everywhere.  Ooops.  But at least the black stayed black and it did stay on the hair!

I forgot to mention that I first gave him a haircut with a wireless clippers.  Since he wanted longer hair, I put a #8 guard on it.  I removed the guard to trim around the ears and to clean up the nape.  I had him use one of his towels as a cape since I forgot to grab one before I left.

I guess the blade got hot fast because he sure complained about it.  The blade on my Oster 76 Lites is an Arctic 000000 blade. 

While his hair was processing, I ran a lot of gel through Wow's hair.  A first I gave him a creepy look with spiky hair.  (I was just playing around).  Then I gave him a 1950's look which I find very attractive.  I don't think that he cared for it though.  Black eyeliner completed the look.  ;)

On Saturday, my hubby shaved my nape for me since I had a body painting shoot to be a model for.  I'm still gold in spots.
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