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webcam photos

Thank you to the couple of people who sent me photos from Sunday's web cam show, where two models received haircuts for videos.  Unfortunately, the first model is not in the web cam photo archive so far.  If anyone has the photos of the first model, please send them to me in .jpg format (.bmp doesn't work).  Thanks!

As I was working on the DVD jacket artwork, I found the Toni perm rods that were cut off from Jee's head.  These perm rods still have their paper and a lock of hair.  Someone mentioned that I should sell these perm rods.  So, is there any interest?  If so, what would be a fair price?

Today I'm working on the DVD versions of Severe Changes, and the DVD jacket.  I hope to get everything done by tonight.
Tags: photos, severe changes, webcam

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