haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

Severe Changes has now been released as both a DVD and VOD

Photos, Summary, and a preview clip of Severe Changes have been released at

This video has also two other versions:

- one for those who only want to see the shampoo and perm rod set
- the other for those who only want to see the perm rods cut off and the head

Bonus footage is included, except for the shampoo & perm rod set version.

Now I'm getting ready for today's video shoot.  (I'm expecting 2-3 models, all receiving pixie haircuts.)  My hubby helped me install new microphones to the ceiling.  I'm hoping for even better sound. 

Web cam will be running.  It's new software allows the photo to refresh every 30 seconds instead of the old 60.

Happy Valentine's Day!
Tags: severe changes, video release, video shoot, webcam

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