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video trouble

I found a place to clean my video camera heads in the Minneapolis area, so after the video shoot on the 17th, I'll be bringing both cameras for a cleaning.  My #1 camera will have to be sent to Canon for repair.

I deleted a lot of things off my video computer today, maybe too many things.  Now my video editing software isn't working correctly.  I tried all morning to burn a DVD but only made coasters.  So depending on what Pinnacle says, I may be re-installing that software during the week.

I have started editing Anneli's afro perm video.  I'm half a minute into it.  :)

Before my video software went crazy, I found a way to make VODs especially for downloading.  They take more memory, but it's supposed to be better for the viewer.  

Someone asked about modeling doing a "catwalk" after their new hairstyle.  I think it's a wonderful idea and will do so when my next videos.


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Nov. 5th, 2007 01:07 pm (UTC)
your cameras
Hi kat sorry to hear your cameras are needing cleaned ect . Your filming skills and editing skills too are very good. Is this something you trained to do at collage ect? Glad to see your going ahead with the film on the 17th though im looking forward to hearing how that goes. The ladies White shirt/blouse should be with you this week , please do let me know when it arrives (posted wed here) and i do hope kate can try it on before the filming to make sure it fits.Its been a brilliant year on your site so many good hair films it can be hard to decide what to buy next. You,ll have all my contact details soon too kat if you need to ask me about anything. Continued succsess to your site its just superb.
Nov. 5th, 2007 03:36 pm (UTC)
Re: your cameras
I've put my cameras though a lot. The one that's acting up the most has been to Germany with me, and has been with me since 2001. I'm just happy that it's lasted this long! I did buy another camera a couple months ago or so, but it's a Sony digital hi-8. I need to buy tapes for it. The quality seems fine, but I'm a Canon-girl. :)

The hi-8 will take the place of #1. So maybe I can send off the #1 sooner, since I won't be using it.

I'll let you know when the blouse arrives.

When I went to college, I was there for English and German. I never took any film shooting or editing classes except a one-day 2-hour class dedicated to Windows Movie Maker. I didn't handle the camera or really do any editing either 'cause my partner wanted to do it all. I have the final result -- me drinking a Diet Coke on my other website. I'll see about finding it and putting it on youtube sometime.
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