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Today was a busy day.  I finished shooting a couple of small scenes for Escape.  These scenes were shot with a Canon Mark 5D ii camera, which I thought would be fun to try out since this camera was used for an opening scene for Saturday Night Live.

This camera is not very easy to work with, for video anyway.  So I don't think that I'll ever use it again, unless a future upgrade to it allows it be to able to auto focus.

I changed the prices of two videos today, DJ's Short Haircut and Brittny's Shag.  Both VODs are now $13 each.  The DVDs are $15 each.

There will be 2-3 models coming for haircut videos on Valentine's Day.  I will have the web cam turned on for this.  In the morning of this shoot, I will have an audio tech coming over to teach me how to have fantastic sound.  I'm looking forward to learning this technique.
Tags: escape, valentine's day, webcam
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