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I'm going to work on getting the rest of the permanent wave machine perm and the afro perm footage onto my computer this weekend.  Starting next week, I'm going to start editing the afro perm.  The reason why I'm doing that one first instead of the perm machine is because I'm waiting to hear back from a band about them doing a song for the opening scene -- me walking into the beauty shop.  (To those who fret about music in films, don't worry, no other music will be played and it's only being used to set the scene, before anything really takes place).

Watching the footage #4 being captured from camera #1, I will need to have that camera repaired.  I really should have all my cameras cleaned.  I'll film the hair trim with a candle flame on the 17th, and then I'll have to postpone all video shoots to sometime later.

Tags: afro perm, camera repair, perm machine

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