haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

photos from Severe Changes

Here's a couple of photos from Severe Changes.  These are from the couple's argument/fight scene:


Now here'a behind the scenes photo.  This footage will NOT be included in the video.

I love her blouse!  It is actually Carmen's, that she kept all these years.  Thanks, Carmen!

Someone had suggested that a woman wear Levi jeans for a video.  Done!  She's wearing Levi Strauss jeans, light blue, size 4...which happens to be my size too!  

Jee Lee is just a doll in this outfit and is a fantastic actress.

I'm going to start adding the final footage to this video and start editing again very soon.  I hope to have this video done for Valentine's Day, as it is very fitting for that day.  You'll see why when you watch the video.    :)

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