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bad email adresses

What's with all the bad email addresses some people have been using lately?  When buying VODs, please have a working email address please!

If you're one of the people who bought a VOD, but have not received either a receipt from paypal or the VOD information email from me, your email address is probably bad.  (Often, people change their email address, but forget to change it in their paypal account).  If I notice the email address is bad, log in to your paypal account and you'll find a refund from me.  READ what I wrote in that refund area!


Last night I finally made the cape for the doll who will have a small, but important role in Escape.  I just have one more prop to make and then I can shoot the last two scenes for this movie.

Several people have been asking about my hair lately.  It's best to view my personal websites to see current photos of me.  Just google my name.   (Or look for the "my hair adventures" tag in this LiveJournal page of mine to read the latest about my hair).

Currently, I'm waiting for a few photos from photographers whom I shot with last week.  I will post a photo when I have a nice head shot.

I will *probably* get a ear length bob and have it bleached blond next month.  But I won't do that until I have a few videos out first.  I have sooooo much footage right now, just sitting.  I prefer to have most of it edited before I shoot more videos.
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