haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

Corrie Helen in rollers

Thanks, Steve, for the link!

Celebrities in the UK every day are wearing rollers during the day, just like it was once popular here in the States back in the 1950's and 1960's and earlier.

Before going out last night, my hubby shaved my nape and helped me do my hair in the "Sailor Moon" anime style.  He's getting rather good at this.  :D  I tried using a temporary pink hair color attached to a hair clamp to streak my bangs, but the thing broke and pulled out my hair instead.

I had also decided that I would try using the curler iron once again.  I couldn't find the one that my mother gave to me some years ago, the one that she herself used when she was a teenager.  Luckily I had won a curling iron several months ago, but had stored it away. I retrieved it, with it littering dust bunnies all over my salon, and removed it from the box.  The curling iron has a digital temperature reading and was automatically set to 385 degrees.  I wrapped my bangs around the barrel, waited a few seconds, and tried to release my hair, but somehow my hair was caught.   When my hair was finally released, the part at the bottom was very fried/burnt.  I had my bangs in my left hand and a scissors in my right, but my hubby stopped me.  So I just slicked the entire bang with gel, wrapped it in a green perm rod, and let it air dry.

Yes, know I remember why I don't use curling irons! 
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