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I'm back to shooting with three cameras for awhile.  One camera, luckily my oldest one, hit the cement floor and broke today during a location shoot.  The battery broke open too.  That was a surprise.  Too many people were present at the shooting, and I guess one of them wasn't paying any attention and knocked in the tripod.  Since I didn't see who did it, I couldn't hold anyone responsible. 

I'm not going to repair it as for just double the money,  I can buy a used one.  And I'd rather start upgrading to HD anyway.  So maybe in a few months or so, I'll buy my first HD camera.  I'd like to get one with an interchangeable lens system.

Anyway, let's share some things that people have sent me:

Funny Conair advertisement:

Mature women with buzz cuts

Modern perm machine

Video with vacuum attached to clippers  I'll like to have that vacuum/clipper set up.  My shop would be much cleaner.  I'm still cleaning up hair!

Woman with huge rollers

Thank you to everyone who sent in items.  Now I must get back to my video editing. 

Tags: buzz cut, mature women, problem, rollers, vacuum clippers

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