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video update and links

Here's an update on upcoming videos:

Pat's Mullet will be available next month.

All other videos will NOT be available until Spring, as I have to learn new editing software, and I need to finish up other projects.  Sending me emails asking when a video will available will not get it out sooner.  If the email contains a video about editing in my new editing software, that is more helpful.  :)   (But please don't send me them yet!  I need to take a look at what I have first!!!!!)

I hope to install my new software tomorrow.  If you follow my HCF tweets, you'll know the exact moment when this happens. 

Tomorrow I'll have Pat's preview clip on youtube.

Steve, the treasure as he is, sent me several links for you all to enjoy.

vintage combout

women in rollers

vintage roller set how to & other stuff, but you'll need to click through

Another gentleman sent me this message, There's a movie in Lebanon called "Caramel".  It's about a group of women who work in a Hair Salon.  Sounds fantastic.  
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