haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

Helene Curtis UniPerm Solution

I've had people ask me what perm solution that I used for the UniPerm machine since Helene Curtis had discontinued their UniPerm line long time ago, and Zotos, who took over Helene Curtis, no longer sells the UniPerm solution.  Back in 2007, I searched and found where to buy a similar solution, it was from Zotos.  They said that the next best thing to use for the UniPerm machine was their Z-ion Perm 2-bottle solution set.  I bought three bottle sets because I thought I'd be making several more UniPerm videos. 

Well, I'm not.  I have two more bottle sets left.

Because these were used in a salon, I got them for a great price of $12.00 a set.  Usually they run $24.00 a set.  The Z-ion Perm Instructions come on CD. 

Of course, if you watch Angie's UniPerm video, you can see how we did it.  :)  (Please don't email me how the perm was done, as I don't remember.)

Shipping will be based on your location.  Price is $12.00 per set.
Tags: for sale, uniperm

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