haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

thank you for not smoking

In the Tum Tum headshaving video that I'm currently editing, I just got to a point where she lights up a cigerette and takes a drag.  If this was my video, I would edit out the scene.  But since this is one of my business partner's films (the Carla video is also his), I'll leave it in.  I'll just run a notice with the video that smoking can kill you and that we personally don't condone smoking.

So far I'm about 30 minutes into this film.  I believe it will be about an hour long video.  

Tum Tum has a fun personality and is quite animated during the clippering and wet razor shave.  She's such a doll and looks fantastic bald.

Tags: bald, headshave, smoking, tum tum, video

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