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thank you for not smoking

In the Tum Tum headshaving video that I'm currently editing, I just got to a point where she lights up a cigerette and takes a drag.  If this was my video, I would edit out the scene.  But since this is one of my business partner's films (the Carla video is also his), I'll leave it in.  I'll just run a notice with the video that smoking can kill you and that we personally don't condone smoking.

So far I'm about 30 minutes into this film.  I believe it will be about an hour long video.  

Tum Tum has a fun personality and is quite animated during the clippering and wet razor shave.  She's such a doll and looks fantastic bald.


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Oct. 29th, 2007 05:08 pm (UTC)
flatlands headshave / blouse for kate video
Kat i bought the download for flatlands headshave video you look great in the video yourself very smart and very skilled with a open razor. I havent watched it all properly through yet but it looks very good.Im not really a headshave fan actually i much prefer a short back and sides being cut or a bob cut or trim but i thought you both looked superb in this video. Ive just been on the phone to chase up the order for the crisp white shirt for kates video she says she will try and get it out today so hopefully i might get it tomorrow !! I only hope i have the right size for her. I,ll mail it to you asap . Is it to go to the haircut fun address? if not please email me an alternative ok. Im keeping a watch out too for you cape clips coming. We had a postal strike here recently and theres still a bit of a backlogue.
Oct. 30th, 2007 04:03 pm (UTC)
Re: flatlands headshave / blouse for kate video
Thanks for the compliments.

My address is

PO Box 43821
Brooklyn Park, MN 55443

Thanks so much!
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