haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

Holiday Special

Sorry to be a bit late on this Holiday Special this year, but I wanted to create several videos for folks to choose from, instead of just one like previous years. This year's holiday special is a Free VOD or DVD with any $20.00 order. The Free VOD or DVD is to be chosen from the list at

I hope that there is something of interest for those who order. I tried to have a variety of videos. After this promotion is over on January 1st, a DVD will just be given to orders over $100. The VODs of most of these videos will not be available for sale after the promotion expires.

In other news, I'll be shooting a flat top video at the Chiseler barber shop tomorrow. The barberette there will be doing the haircutting.

Now I'm off to bed.
Tags: chiseler barbershop, flat top, holiday special, video shoot

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