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new videos

I've sent the day shooting short videos for a project that I'm working on. After taking a closer look at the manual clippers, I noticed that one of the blades was on upside down. Once flipped over, these clippers worked beautiful on my nape. (Hubby did the cutting).

Also shot was a shampoo, under the dryer with a pink wig that had pink Wi-Hold curlers, a face shave in said wig, and slicking my hair three ways.

I hope to capture all these videos to my computer tomorrow...maybe. Because of a blizzard, there may not be school for my son tomorrow, so the video capturing will have to wait.

There will be another video shoot this Thursday, with two models.

For the one Jana Goes to the Barbershop video I hope to shoot next week, someone must have posted my casting call on another site for me, as I had never heard of the website before. But I am getting responses, so I will go through them hopefully tomorrow. Thank you to whomever done that for me.

My salon is all clean and ready for the next video. My hubby asked for a haircut. He wanted a #3 on the sides and a #4 on top....but I accidentally did a #3 on top. Oops. I told him, "I guess no tip for me!" He just laughed. He's a great guy. :)
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