haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

Einen Frohen Nikolaustag! Happy St. Nicklaus Day!

Einen Frohen Nikolaustag! Happy St. Nicklaus Day! Hopefully, you receive your hair accessory or tool of choice in your shoe today! ;)

I've been capturing footage to my computer for the past couple of days. All the footage of DJ's haircut is there, and I just have two MiniDV tapes of Pat's to do.

Also I've been busying setting up different video shoots. I'll have a shoot on Thursday, long to bald. I have my laptop back, so there will be web cam.

I am still looking for the mother and daughter actresses for the Jana Goes to the Barbershop movie that I hope to film next week. If I can't find them, I'll just have to wait until summer.

Tomorrow, I'll be having my car repaired and running around taking care of errands. As soon as I get the voice-over for the Chiseler Barbershop, I plan on deleting Pinnacle and then installing the Adobe Premiere software.
Tags: dj, holiday, jana goes to the barbershop, my life, pat

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