haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

frizzy hair

Steve sent me this link to photos where the models have big frizzy hair. Their hair is styled like this for a lingerie fashion show.

Thank you, Steve.

I posted on twitter that I would be working on working on several short videos, but I ran out of time. Hopefully I can get started on them this weekend. My first priority, though, is to finish my family video, so that I can send it off next week so that it arrives in time for Christmas. :)

Good news is that the Adobe Premier that I ordered *should* arrive today. (I could have had it yesterday already, but I wasn't home to sign for the package.) I am incredibly eager to install and work with this new software. Once the Pat and DJ haircut videos are done (the last videos to use only three cameras), I'll start working on the Escape footage.

Of course, I want to finish the last scene for the Escape movie, and also, to start decorating the house for Christmas/Yule. St. Nikolaustag is Sunday! We need the stockings up by then. :D
Tags: escape, frizzy hair, my life, video editing

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