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today's shoot

OMG, today's shoot was awesome!!!! Today's video took place at Carmen's Salon http://carmenshair.com/ I was lucky to have the honor of Ryan Hellion of http://www.iceparkcity.com/ helping with the camera work.

The story of the haircutting video is that Jee Lee wants to surprise her boyfriend Landyn (Landyn Banx http://www.landynbanx.com/ ) with curly hair. She has her long hair cut shorter so that it will fit on the vintage Toni perm rods better. (Because of the age of these perm rods, several broke during winding!) When Carmen is about to Jee ready for the perm solution, Jee noticed Landyn walking by the shop. Eager to talk with him, she goes outside...only to be yelled by him as he liked her long hair as it was. Angry, Jee comes back inside the shop and demands that all curls be gone...by having the hair cut right off the perm rod! Her head is shaved smooth with a straight-edge razor.

Very bizarre, huh? This video is sure to grab the viewer's attention. :) (Be sure to watch the end credit for bonus footage!)

Of course, as always, Carmen explains the perming process for those interested in learning her techniques.

The video that I shot was fantastic. I got some great shots that I'm very excited about. Especially Jee's and Landyn's argument scene. Both are brilliant actors.

Landyn took several photos so I'll be posting cast photos sometime this week. I took a few photos of Jee wearing a designer shirt that Andy sent me. More on that when I have the photos.

Now I'm off to put my camera gear away and to get ready for the Sunday Bloody Sunday radio show tonight. I will bring my web cam and I'll be available to chat as well. Web cam and chat on HCF, listen to us on the SBS site. http://rangerplex.com/ I should warn that the radio show gets a bit wild, so it's probably not for everyone.

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