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I've worked on Shelly's video a bit today, and am at 50 minutes.

I'll probably finish Bri's video by the end of the week, and Shelly's video maybe next week. I'll have to get to my family video soon too.

Earlier, my husband helped me with my hair. I put it in a ponytail, and then slipped it through a round rat. I had him put my hair all around it since I couldn't see to do it myself. The rest of my hair is slicked back. I need to finish my makeup and then I'm going out with friends. :)

And for those curious, I have one alcoholic drink, one. I like to spend a few hours with friends, but I like to remember it! :D (Someone had emailed me to ask how often I get drunk. lol. For me, once ever, and I didn't like it. That was on my 21st birthday when friends dragged me to the several bars. Once was enough for me). :)
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