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free video and updates

I posted a 9-minute video on yesterday, showing what hair looks like after the curlers are removed: 

I'm barefooted in the video as it felt nice to kick off the shoes.  :)

Other news: I'm busy adding icons to the pages to make it easier to find the photos, VODs, and DVD areas.  I'm also reworking a few VODs to make downloading easier.  I just finished with "Amanda's bob" yesterday.  My editing software is acting up, so it's making my work a little difficult at this point.  I hope to get it resolved soon.

I finished editing "A Traditional Japanese Face Shave" yesterday as well.  Today I'll work on the VODs.  I hope to have this video, as well as the teaser, up by Friday.  Thankfully I have two computers with editing software!  :)

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