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cartoon haircutting

In the latest episode of American Dad, Klaus the fish tells Hayley that he misses having hair and going to the salon for a haircut.  So she buys him a wig and cuts his hair.

Episode  aired 8. November 2009, titled Man in the Moonbounce

Update:  I received a rather interesting email which I'll share with you all:

When you post things on your blog, for example what you said about AMERICAN DAD and you did post a link to the show, make sure it can be viewed by people outside of the USA, for example Canadians who cannot download the show. 
If you will not make downloads available internationally, then do not post the link.  I am disappointed with what you are doing.

Here is my response:

I'm sorry, but I'm not going to be able to make everyone happy.  All countries have their own restrictions.  If I had to research every country and don't post what they don't allow, I wouldn't have website at all. is NOT my website.  They are providing the streaming video, NOT me.  Please don't judge or make assumptions without checking your facts first. 

The title of the show is ALWAYS given, so please do what others do if something like a link doesn't work, GOOGLE the title and the rest of the information if needed.  I'm sure you'll find it viewable in Canada somewhere.

If nothing else, contact and see how you can view videos in Canada or wherever else you live.

See, there's no need to reason to get upset at me, when I'm just the messenger.  Problems can ALWAYS be solved, you just need to take a little time to think of how you can get around the obstacle.  

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