haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

coloring my hair

Today's the day when I finally color my hair black. 

After I purchased the jet black color, I started thinking that maybe red would be a better choice, as that's what's already on my head, and it looks great on me.  With red, I could still go black sometime in the future.  But I decided that I'll just go black.  So here I am, topless (so I can avoid staining my clothes and so I can just hop in the shower), with a plastic cap on my head, waiting until 12:30 pm so that I can rinse and condition my hair. 

Sorry, no video, photos, or webcam.  This weekend I'm having the family portrait taken and a few other photos taken, so sometime next week I'll post a photo of myself with my new hair color.

Again, the hair color is Ion's Jet Black.

I'm going to wait for my roots to grow out after doing the black, and then doing a bright red on my roots.  Then once I get more roots, maybe I'll do blue or bright green.  (Just in time for the holidays!)  We'll see.  I tend to change my mind a lot about my hair.
Tags: my hair adventures

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