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today's video shoot

Today's video shoot was a lot work, but a lot of fun too.  Our actress for the prison scene, Escape, is Helena Marie Elliott, and she can be found in the video, Dirty Ding, trailer at

She did an awesome job today.  And she looks fantastic as a bald beauty.

I'll post a cast photo when I receive it.  I had a DP for this shoot and he took a few photos (but not while filming!)  Somebody was taking photos though, which I wasn't too thrilled at, since it was during my part where I was using a straight-edge to shave Helena's head!  The red light kept going I had to say something about it, but I didn't look up to see who did it.

Mistress Lotus did the clippering with the Osters.  For her first time buzzing a head, she did an excellent job.  So for those wanting such a session, you can ask her about it.

Anyway, after Helena was electrocuted, some of her long hair was glued back on for another scene for when she rips up a teddy bear.  :)

I still have two more scenes to tape, but I'll do that maybe later today.

Tuesday I'll be shooting a haircutting video.  Unfortunately since my son's computer died and he uses my laptop, I will not be able to have webcam on Tuesday.  I guess that once the Christmas season hits, I'll be looking into buying another laptop.

Now I'm off to do some housework and to relax a bit.  :)

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