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video update

After buying the wood, staining it, buying two spatulas, and making them into a handle, I've decided that I could have just purchased a lever box thing at Menards!

A new prison gown was purchased today as the original one was too small.  This new one looks much better anyway.  :)  Thankfully since I'm shooting this video near Halloween, props are easy to come by!

Other news, I'm 36 minutes into Sarah's video.  This video is a joy to edit (seriously!).  I'm doing some picture-in-picture again and a bit of slow-mo, and in one place, did them both together.  (That took awhile in Pinnacle to figure out, but I got it!) 

I've noticed that there's been talk of Elizabeth's video -- the one gal who's dressed as a bit of a goth in a black leather dress.  I'll capture her footage tomorrow and post a before and after photo here.  Same with Sarah's video too (the before and after photos, I mean).  Sarah was a fantastic model who let us try the vintage manual clippers on a selection of her hair.  It's hard to imagine that many haircuts were given with this device so long ago.

I hope to have Sarah's video done and released by the end of the first week of November.

Oops, it's getting late and I have clothes to throw into the dryer.
Tags: elizabeth, escape, goth, sarah, video editing

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