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Today I started working on the Sarah's head shave video.  I'm at 7 minutes.  I also spent the day getting the props, accessories, and etc together for the prison scene video shoot this upcoming Sunday.  This video will be called Escape.  I need to finish making the electric chair switch tomorrow.  I'm really excited about this video.  I'll probably do the doll's salon scene in stop-motion in HD.

Over the weekend, my hubby installed a Blu-Ray burner for me.  So if there's enough interest, I may start putting out videos on Blu-Ray in 2010. 

I will also be investing in more professional video editing software, which includes After Effects.  I really can't wait to start learning that software!

I may or may not be doing another video shoot in my salon studio next week.  I'll post more info here when I have it.

Now time for some links....

LoverBald has an awesome blog.  Since I'm getting immersed into Star Trek, I thought how perfect that there's some deleted Star Trek scenes featuring Persis on his blog

Here's another street roller shot sent in by Steve.  It's of Danni May.

Women in rollers can be seen on the streets quite often in the U.K.

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