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hair used for crosshairs

On page 66 of the October/November issue of Reminisce magazine, one female writer wrote how when she was a young girl, her butt-length braided ponytail was cut off and sent to the military for use "as crosshairs in their bomb-sights."  The military could only use blond hair for this purpose. 

She stated that no one else has heard of this, which got me thinking about this too.  Has anyone else heard of the military placing ads for women's and girl's blonde hair around the World War II era, so that the hair can be used in this manner?


I found a news article on a woman who did the same thing -- donating 22" inches of her hair for the military, to be used for Norden bomb-sights.  It seems that before hair, the military was using black widow spider webs!  (Eeek!  You wouldn't get me anywhere near those spiders!)

There's a photo in the article of Mary Babnik Brown with her long hair before it was cut.
Tags: hair, reminisce magazine, world war 2

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