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Hairs How

Maybe someone else has a copy of the September/October issue of Hair's How magazine, for on page 71, there's a photo of hot bald model with a high blond ponytail.  Could someone post this image?  Otherwise, if people don't mind waiting a week or so, I'll scan mine and post it here.  The hair was done by The Teals and the photograph taken by Taggart Winterhalter for Purely Visual.

Steve sent me news that afro wigs are hot on the run way in Paris.  Be sure to watch this video:

Carmen and I will be attending the Zombie Cabaret on October 30th.  Come and join us!  You'll find info near the bottom of the page at  These shows are awesome!

UPDATE!  I just scanned in this photo.  I believe the blond hair is a wig, but still cool.  I just wonder now they managed to keep the ponytail from falling over!

Tags: afro, event, magazine, taggart winterhalter, zombie

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