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casting call for guard

I'm trying to set up everything for a video shoot on the 25th of this month.  It will take place at a local dungeon in Minneapolis, since it has a cage that can be used as a prison cell and a chair that can be made into an electric chair.  The famous Mistress Lotus will be one of the guards - the one who does the clippering on the actress.  I need another guard, one who is comfortable using a STRAIGHT-EDGE RAZOR.  Please do NOT contact me about being the guard if you cannot use a straight-edge razor.  I had one person do this to me already, so I had to use the straight razor instead.  I was NOT happy about that as I missed a lot of great shots since I was in front of the camera instead of behind it.

I really think that this video will be one of my best.  I will be putting a lot of work into this video, doing some special effects, and etc.  I hope to be able to provide IMDB credit to those who want it, who appear in this video.

If interested, please send me a current head of yourself, your ability of handling the straight-edge razor, and what size clothing that you wear.

Those who are just curious about this video, can just leave comments on either LJ or Multiply.  Please don't email me with questions.  It's easier to do Q&A here since so many of you will have the same questions, so that everyone can see the answers in one place.  Thanks!  :)

One answer - no, the actress has not been chosen yet.  I just put out a casting call for her.
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