haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

my hair is pink!

I filmed myself dying my hair pink.  I wore a white vinyl skirt, colorful leg warmers, and a dancer's long-sleeved leotard.  I used a blue cape and a black vinyl comb-out cape.  Ear protectors were used when I sat under the dryer.  The shampooing was done face-forward and created lots of lather...I'm surprised that I didn't get any in my face!

Leason learned -- must either have a friend dye my hair for me or get it professionally done.  I wasn't very happy with the result so I don't be self-dying again.  I will be visiting Carmen's salon during the week to get it fixed and to get my bob shorter too.  (I won't be video taping this, sorry!)

But the pink hair looks okay.  I've definately turned some heads!  :)  I'll try to get someone to take a photo of me tonight when I go out.  I'll post the photo when I have time during the week.
Tags: pink hair

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