haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,


I've decided to put the button curlers on eBay.  I can include the DVD (or VOD, if you prefer) of the video in which the button curlers were seen in.  Just email me after you win the auction, so I know to include that bonus!

In other news, I'm 2 hours and 40 minutes into the Karissah video.  I hope to finish this video within the next couple of weeks.

Today I will be scouting out a location for the next shoot.  I need to find a couple of prison guard outfits.  And I need to buy some more things for the electric chair hat.  I goofed up on the first one, but since I know what I did wrong, the next one will come out perfect.  :D
Tags: button curlers, ebay, prison video shoot, video editing

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