haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,
haircuttingfun closing down September 30th

As I'm sure that many of you have noticed, the site is having so many problems ever since that one bad webguy and the server move.  The one techie who was going to help with the site, I believe gave up.  (I don't really blame him though.  It would take a ton of time to work out all the bugs).  But since I have no tech experience in the Webscribble software, and know no one else who does, I will be closing down the site on September 30th.  I'm very sorry to do this, but the site isn't worth anyone's time if it doesn't function correctly.

So please, save your conversations to your computer and send your email address to your new friends that you met on here.

One website that has a spot on the forum for meeting like-minded people like yourself is

Although they seem to be more of haircutting than just admiring bald woman.  But maybe worth a try?

Another site is which is like for those with alopecia and those who support them too.

Jesse of did start a networking site for bald people, but I cannot find the url.  Maybe it's somewhere listed on her website?  Otherwise, email her and I'm sure she'll be happy to point the way.

I hope in time, a similar website like mine will be build -- one that works as it should!  I wish that person much luck and success, and I hope its members will find the person they seek as well.

Best wishes.




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