haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

Ren Fest

My family and I went to Ren Fest over the weekend, and since I had enough hair this time, my hubby bought me a couple of beautiful hair jewelry pieces.  :)  One goes over the ponytail and another is for a bit of my bangs on my left side.

As for the Karissah video, I'm at the 1 hour and 54 minutes mark.  I have a client asking about having their video done this week, so I'll have to put Karissah's video on hold for a week or two.

The site is having so many problems from that one bad webguy and the server move, that the one guy who was going to help with the site, I believe gave up.  (I don't really blame him though.  It would take a ton of time to work out all the bugs).  But since I have no tech experience in the Webscribble software, and know no one else who does, I will be closing down the site within a week or two.  I'm very sorry to do this, but the site isn't worth anyone's time if it doesn't function correctly.  If anyone is reading this because they are looking for a review on WebDate, the Webscribble software, that I've had soooo many problems with, spend your money elsewhere.

Tags:, karissah, webdate, webscribble

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