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busy day tomorrow

Tomorrow I'll be shooting a couple of videos at the Chiseler barbershop in the morning. These videos will show off their special straight-edge razor technique.  The videos will go up on their youtube page once I have the videos ready...which may be awhile as I have so much footage to edit already.

Later that evening, Carmen, my cat Nights, and I will be attending a Ghosbustin' 911 video location shoot, as we all have some minor parts to play.  Once the episode that we're in becomes available, I'll announce it here (you can always check on their website as well).  I'll be wearing thigh highs and a black dress that Paul bought me.  Thank you, sweetie! 

Oh, and I'll be wearing a very long brunette wig too.  Some of you may have already seen it on my myspace page.

Several people have asked about my progress on the Karissah video.  I have been making postings on my twitter page, see the TWITTER link in the menu page on the HCF site.  Currently I'm at the hour and 32 minute mark.  Her nape hairline is slowly rising.

Tomorrow I'll also be making a stop by the orthodontist to have my lower chain replaced.  It snapped last week, and since the chain was digging into my cheek, I had my hubby cut some of the plastic off.  The orthodontist may not like that, but the wax did not help.  I can't wait to have these braces totally off the first week of October.  :D
Tags: braces, ghostbusters, karissah, video shoot

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