haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

yesterday's video shoot

Yesterday we had two models.  Elizabeth dressed all in black - leather dress, gloves, go-go boots.  She had her long hair cut first into a long inverted bob and then into a pixie (I'll have to look up the exact name of the cut).  A red nylon cape kept all the hair cuttngs off her alluring outfit.

Sarah had extremely long hair.  She wore a very frilly, lacy Victorian-type blouse, red leather skirt, and red high heels.  Naturally, before footage was shot, showing off her very long hair.  Then, once the black PVC covered her, she received a head shave in stages.  The undershave was partially done with a manual hand clippers.

Both models were bombshells after their time in the barber chair.  OMG!

I hope to get to these videos in November.
Tags: elizabeth, head shave, sarah, video shoot

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