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cleaning and painting

I'm taking a quick break from moving stuff off an old shelf and moving things away from the wall because later today, new shelving will be installed.  I think this will take a few days before it will be totally finished.

Right now my salon smells like perm solution as one bottle it smells quite nice in their now.  :)

Once everything has been moved and the old shelf taken out, I've got to start painting the remaining gray walls white.  I need to have this completed by 2 pm.

When everything is put away nicely, I'll test the web cam.   

Oh, I wanted to write about last night.  My hubby was the first to sit in my barber chair with the new leather.  :D  I put a neck strip on him and covered him with a yellow cape...yellow is his favorite color.  I attached a #3 guard to the clippers and gave him a buzzing all over...I kinda got carried away as it was only needed for the top.  Oops, well, he didn't mind.  Then I used a #2 around the sides and back.  Removing the guard, I cleaned up his sideburns, around the ears, and nape. 

I've been very busy lately with scheduling different shoots, trying to set up locations, editing videos, and etc, that emails have piled up.  I'll get to them later this week.  Also, since the site move, many photos no longer show up.  I will try to get to those too this week, as well as create a simple front page for Carmen's website.  If anyone finds a page with the photos disappeared, if you can let me know, that would be great.  :)  Thanks!
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