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Antara Mali bald for movie, Amol Palekar

This article was sent to me by my sweet darling sister in India.  Thank you!

(I can't get the photo to show, maybe somebody could google it).

Antara on life after marriage
<input ... > By Vickey Lalwani
Posted On Saturday, June 27, 2009 at 02:32:41 AM


Che Kurien and Antara Mali

Antara Mali is glowing. She and husband Che Kurien, editor of GQ magazine, are back from their honeymoon in New York. She said, “Che and I are very happy. But honestly, I used to think that I’ll never get married.”

Commenting on how nobody had the slightest inkling of the two being romantically involved, Antara said, “I have always been a private person. Frankly, I have known Che for seven years. We were very good friends. One fine day, he proposed.I had a gut feeling that Che was the right person and that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him.”

Commenting on her hush hush wedding, she said, “It all happened very suddenly. We got married at my house (Nepean Sea Road). We only invited a few people who are close to us.”

In fact, Antara had told her father Jagdish Mali (photographer) not to speak about her marriage to anybody. “I had told my dad that he should keep his lips sealed. I had given him a half-hour lecture saying, ‘Koi bhi phone kare, kehna ki mujhe kuch bhi maalum nahin hai’.”

“I was shocked when your paper (Mumbai Mirror, June 14) reported that I had tied the knot,” she said from her new home at Colaba.

Meanwhile on the career front, Antara is making a comeback. Antara will be seen in Amol Palekar’s next film in which she sports a bald look and also mentor Ram Gopal Varma’s film for which she starts shooting in August.

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