haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

turning into a zombie

My sister and I were chatting yesterday and she told me that everyone loves me blond, so that I ought to dye my hair blond right away.  Maybe when my hair is longer, I'll do that, but right now, I really like this color.  :)

I already have October 10th planned.  I will be turning into a zombie that day.  The first transformation takes place at Carmen's as I'll need a set and style.  I'm hoping for a big and slick 1960's style.  I'm going to be a Star Trek red shirt...the ones who usually get killed off.  Perfect.  I'll probably paint my nails black during the set and finish with special effects makeup later that day.  I will NOT be video taping this.  Rather, anyone who wants to visit and chat with me while I have my hair done at Carmen's, is welcome.  Maybe you can get a set too...  :D 

I'll announce a time closer to October. 

Oops, I almost forgot to mention why I'm turning into a zombie!  Silly me.  Some friends requested my attendance at this years 2009 Zombie Pub Crawl.  More info at

So, if you see me there, feel free to join in!

Tags: meet & greet, star trek, zombie

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