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Sunday's shoot

I'm taking a quick break from pulling out staples from the barber chair fabric and burning DVDs to write about this past Sunday's shoot.

Mistress Bee wore a purple tie blouse and had her hair up in a bun.  Shelly wore a suit and tie and had his hair in a ponytail to begin with.  Carmen wore a pink satin blouse, purple apron, and had her hair up in rollers.

After Shelly sat down and was caped, MB noticed that Shelly had painted nails.  MB said that if Shelly wants to be a girl, she'll make him into one.  They left but soon returned with Shelly wearing a lovely flowered dress that stopped just above the knees.  Carmen shampooed Shelly's hair, put her hair in rollers, applied a mud pack, and stuck her under the dryer for 45 minutes...without any magazines because she was being punished for not telling MB about his dress-up habits sooner.

Once the mud pack facial was cleaned up, MB did a wonderful job on Shelly's makeup.  Oh, how pretty Shelly was becoming!

I better mention that pink items were used - pink cape, pink hair net, pink hair cap, pink ear protection, and pink eyeshadow.  Pink is such a charming feminine color after all.

Carmen ratted Shelly's hair and just did an 80's big hair style, as Shelly has a reclining hair line and this look would give her the best femmy look.

I probably won't get to edit this video until October. 

For those curious, if you're a CD who would love a session with MB, you can visit her website and contact her directly.

Otherwise, if you'd love to have a wonderful time at Carmen's, having your hair done, and enjoying being yourself, you can contact her to make an appointment.  (Feel free to bring your dress clothes and makeup, or you can purchase these items at the store across the street).  See for her info.  Serious inquires only, thanks!

Within a few months, I'll be creating a website for Carmen's shop.  (Don't laugh!  I know it sometimes takes me forever to work on my own!)

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