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The website has been updated with the Alucard barberette video.   I'm sure people are going to enjoy that one as it has a fun little story line in the film. 

The links to the Caped Women Going Wild video and photos have been fixed.  My apologies for the inconvenience.

Last night I purchased a full bottle of permanent wave solution from the 1940's.  That will be used for future perm machine video.  :)  I'm looking to buy another bottle soon.  

The Pro-Jet dryer is broken and has been scraped out already.  I'll be looking to buy a vintage hair dryer.  It's quite sad though -- when I wasn't looking to buy such an old hair dryer, they were everywhere for dirt cheap.  Now there's only a couple that I know of and the asking price is $200!

I'm thinking about buying a station that features a covered bowl.  Any interest?  Before I rack up my credit card, I'd like to know if people would like to see such a covered shampoo bowl in use before I buy it.  Or are there already many hair videos featuring such a shampoo bowl?  I'm interested to hear your opinions!  :) 
Tags: alucard, covered shampoo bowl, hair dryer, perm machine

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