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Yesterday's video shoot with Bri went very well.  The pearlized pink vinyl cape was used, thank you to Laracapes and PinkApples for suggesting this color!

The haircut went a bit shorter than the photo shown in the previous post.  Bri looks absolutely amazing in her new shorter hairstyle. 

She wore a classic buttoned up blouse, which the top button was unbuttoned for the caping.  (This is usually how barbers cape their customer anyway).

We have done away with the shampoo tray and now just recline the chair back for shampoos.  Bri received a relaxing shampoo yesterday, after the length of the hair was cut from a mostly reclining position.

I will start editing this video in October.

I'm currently editing the Karissah video, and am at 24 minutes.  I'll be able to get more editing done while my son is in school and if people don't mind waiting for me to respond to emails!  (I could devote an entire day to emails and still have more emails to do).

The video on the 12th of September will be amazing.  It will be long hair to bald video.  Yes, I'll have the webcam set up for that.  In the meantime, I plan on fixing up my salon setup.  I want to finish the flooring, re-upholster my barber chair to its original appearance - black leather, and have shelving put in, so that all my hair stuff is easier to access.

Now I'm going to have breakfast.  Then it'll be time to dress, prepare for today's video shoot at Carmen's,  load up my car, and go.
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