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my salon setting

I just finished cleaning up my salon set up this morning.  After tomorrow's video shoot, stuff on the far wall (never shown in the videos) will be taken down and shelving put up all along the wall.  I need the space to store all my hair stuff! 

I also plan on removing the green material off the barber chair and replacing it with black leather.  Originally, when the Emil J. Paidar barber chair was made back in the 1920s, the cushions were covered in black leather.  My head rest still has the original leather, which has turned a dark brown now.  I'm eager to restore it back to it's original appearance.

On Sunday, I'll be shooting a video at Carmen's salon.  A guy will be getting a beautiful set and style, courtesy of Mistress Bee and Carmen.  To make the look complete, he'll receive the full package - a dress, heels, and makeup.  Gender bending is awesome.  :)

More video shoots are planned for September 12th.  I may do webcam then.  My area where the webcam would go is currently under development.

Oh, btw, I posted a photo of Karissah with her hair slicked back on the forum at the HCF site.

I also posted on Twitter this morning, whether a red nylon cape or a pearlized pink vinyl cape should be used tomorrow.  Any opinions?

Dave sent me this link to photos of women with bald or extremely short hair.  Thanks, Dave!

Steve sent a link to a photo of a woman with her hair in rollers, walking down the street.  Thank you, Steve!

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