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question from men - how can I be in your chair?

 I've received several emails from men, asking how they can get a haircut from me.  Until I go to beauty school, and if this school has a training session where I get to work on real people's hair, the answer will be, they can't.  I am no longer filming videos with men in my barberchair.  I still might do a video where I give a guy a perm/roller set, as I've received many requests for that.  But for that one, I'll probably either hire in a stylist, or if the guy wants me to work on his hair, he would have to be open to anything as I'd try to wind his hair for the perm machine and I'd probably do a shaving and try a haircutting too.  He would have to sign a waiver first stating that this hair session is for entertainment purposes only, that he doesn't care what the end result will be, and etc.  And of course, this session would be filmed and the video made available on my website.  The guy must be able to come to Minneapolis as my mock salon is located here.  I don't pay for travel expenses.  He would be paid $25 and a copy of all footage on DVD.  I'd probably film this video in December or so.

In other news, I just finished creating Flatland's Hair Design video.  That will go up on the 24th.  I'll work on her headshaving video soon.

Here's a preview clip from Anneli's afro perm:

I'll post a few more when I'm actually working on this film.  That probably won't be until November or so.
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